SDSC Project Storage Services

SDSC Network Storage

High Performance NFS and CIFS Storage

SDSC's Project Storage provides academic and research partners a network based storage service which offers CIFS/Samba and NFS to SDSC, The University of California, and partner systems. With transfer rates up to 1GB/s, Project Storage is an excellent option for interactive access and use as a traditional mounted filesystem.

Availability targets of 99.5% for standard availability and 99.95% for high availability service ensure your data is there when you need it. Our high availability service provides scripted fail-over between dual head nodes attached to the same storage array. Nightly ZFS snapshot replications ensure dual copy data durability, and by adding historical backups utilizing SDSC Commvault services users can perform point-in-time file recovery. Off-site replication of stored data will be availlable, providing additional durability and integrity.

Similar to SDSC's Cloud Storage, the SDSC Project storage environment is highly scalable, with the ability to incrementally add additional storage as needed. More detailed pricing information is available on the project storage pricing page.

SDSC Project Storage Highlights

  • High Performance Network Filesystems Fault tolerant servers, network load balancing, redundant 6Gbps Serial Attached SCSI (SAS) storage architecture, RAID, and 10Gbps Ethernet switching provide speeds up to 1GB/s and continued access to data.
  • Cost and Convenience Avoid the hassles and overhead of purchasing and maintaining your own NFS and CIFS capable storage. Minimal setup time means your storage is available almost immediately, and is ready to mount on your local clients with no special configuration needed. As your storage needs grow your allocations can easily scale to accommodate any amount of data.
  • Store Securely Replicated snapshots provide a separate, secondary copy of data independent of the primary copy. Snapshots allow for historical backups and recovery of accidental deletion of files. End to end checksumming of the filesystem assures you of the long term integrity of your data.
  • Simple and Accessible Standards based multi-protocol export of data allows connectivity to virtually any platform. Shares are available anywhere on campus to systems of your choosing. CIFS shares leverage campus Active Directory for authentication enabling usage of commonly used user credentials.

Getting Started

If you have any questions or would like to request SDSC Project storage please use our contact form, or email us at with your contact information. An SDSC representative will contact you as soon as possible.